With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has become the premium platform for influencer marketing. 

Celebrity endorsements on Instagram are the number one strategy to grow your audience, create brand awareness and increase revenues with increased engagement.

Our most recent campaign featured, social media darling Amber Rose; who is also the founder of SlutWalk. Amber partnered with BCM to launch an influencer marketing campaign and promote brands that signed up with us. The results were impressive!

Every one of the 40 brands that participated in the Amber Rose giveaway campaign increased their Instagram followers by over 100% - and up to 23,272%!


The Power of Celebrity Endorsement


As the statistics above show, our strategy works! What’s more, the campaigns are affordable so that powerful influencers are accessible to more small businesses - and not just corporate brands with bulging marketing budgets!

If you want to compete online, increase your Instagram following, improve engagement and boost your bottom line, BCM gives you the opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it. This is what our customers have experienced and what they have to say…


“VERY impressed with the AmberRose IG campaign; we now have a solid 13,000 new followers and our “post” likes have gone from the 70’s up to 600 😀. Looking forward to your next campaign.”

Erika Harris, Odeeva

"Absolutely loved the service. Loads of great interaction with followers and would definitely recommend to companies looking to expand on their sphere of influence.”

James Harris, Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles

"I went from a skeptic to a believer . I have received new clients and my IG followers and engagement has shot up - Incredible. Thank you Big Crowd Media.”

Greg Alterman, CEO M/F People

"I grew by 16 thousand followers in 3 days! Unbelievable. As a previous cover girl and actress I’ve taken 6 years out to raise my adorable twins so now it’s time for me to work on my career again. I’m passionate about healthy eating, easy workouts and I’m also pretty good at make up tutorials. I want people to follow me and engage and the Big Crowd Media platform made this so easy for me to get a head start!! It was affordable and I’m looking forward to teaming up on many more xoxo Thank you to all my new followers for supporting me and engaging"

Tiffany Mulheron, Actress

"This was the quickest and most effective platform to grow my online presence, Big Crowd Media were extremely professional and delivered. My account grew by tens of thousands within 72 hours, and was very exciting to watch!. Engagement is up, Blue revolver is one of the leading experiential event production companies and this was the perfect way for our expertise to be seen and generate inquiries, now that we have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram".

Bree Mcalister, Blue Revolver CEO

Following the huge success of our Amber Rose Instagram campaign, we launched a prize giveaway with celebrity influencer, Kyle Richards star of Real Housewives and Beverly Hills royalty.


Kyle is one of Instagram’s most influential business women and entrepreneurs. With 2.7 million engaged followers and dominant interaction with fans in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney and Melbourne, Kyle's audience is considered Gold. They are affluent buyers who engage with brands!

As expected, the results from the Kyle Richards campaign were outstanding. A total of 1.1m Instagrammers agreed to follow the brands that signed up with us.

Every one of the brands that participated in the Kyle Richards campaign accrued thousands of new followers, averaging 7,650.


Celebrity Pulling Power


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The results of our first two campaigns speak for themselves. If you want to significantly increase your Instagram following, you need to join BCM for our next celebrity endorsement campaign.

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