Instagram is the first place to connect with your audience these days. Not only is Instagram the fastest growing social media network on the planet, Instagram IS YOUR WEBSITE.


It’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal as well! Of Instagrams one billion monthly active users more than 500 million use the platform every day!


So how would you like to accrue up to 40,000 genuine Instagram followers? Moreover, how can you do that legitimately?


Kylie Richards

This month we have partnered with the one and only Amber Rose, an exceptionally successful business women and entrepreneur who is incredibly popular on Instagram. For 3 days only, Amber will be running a $25,000 giveaway prize to her followers.

To win the prize, all her followers have to do is follow your brand!

Would you like your brand to be in our Amber Rose campaign and score 10-40 thousand new Instagram followers?

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Amber Rose has built a close-knit community of almost 20 million followers and is known to be the beneficiary of authentic donation for numbers projects

We’re giving you the chance to tap into Amber’s massive audience and acquire between 10-40 thousand followers, all diverted from her Instagram account.

This month, Amber is looking to collaborate with selected brands and offer her audience the chance to win $10,000 = just to follow your company on Instagram.

This is a massive opportunity for brands to obtain thousands of new followers on Instagram - for a fraction of the price Instagram celebrities charge!

You can be forgiven for thinking this campaign is a marketing gimmick or will cost you thousands of dollars.

Well, we can assure that this is a genuine campaign - check out our photo shoot with Amber, either on our website or on Instagram.

Not only that, but with Big Crowd Media, you have the opportunity to partner with Amber Rose for a fraction of the cost Instagram influencers typically charge.

You need to hurry though because there is a limited number places and our celebrity endorsement campaign is first come, first served.

More authentic Instagram followers means more business. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Pick up the phone or email us now to get started.


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