10 Instagram Strategies That Engage Followers

In order to grow your audience and engage followers on Instagram, you need to publish standout content.

That doesn’t necessarily mean media-style blog content and professional photography. Great words and images help, of course, but there are plenty of other strategies you can use to grab the attention of Instagram users.

1. Cash Giveaway Contests

Everyone loves prizes - especially if they are worth winning. There are very few people on Instagram that will turn down the opportunity to win $10,000 for example.

As a matter of fact, the only people that will turn a blind eye are the celebrities we get to run these tempting cash giveaways. It’s a win-win-win strategy for celebrity influencers, brands and the lucky Instagrammer that wins the contest.

2. Influencer and Celebrity Endorsements

Consumers do not trust brands. What’s more, they trust advertising even less. The most powerful strategy for brands to increase followers and engagement is through influencer marketing.
Celebrity influencers are big business on Instagram right now - and Big Crowd Media has a success-proof strategy that enables you to tap into a huge ready-made audience without having to splurge the jaw-dropping fees celebrity influencers typically charge.

3. Thought Leadership Content
Brands that prove they are an authority in their field earn the trust of followers. Publish content that demonstrates you are a leader and you will build an audience that turns to you for information, advice and products.

4. Product Demonstration Videos

Video is the most popular content on Instagram. According to statistics, engagement with brand videos increased by 53% last year.

Of course, there are multiple ways you can feature your brand in a video. However, shoppers mostly want to know what they can expect from buying your product.

Is there a better way of explaining the benefits of your product than actually showing your audience how your product works in a video?

No, didn’t think so.

5. User-Generated Content

There’s a growing need for brands to publish user-generated content (UGC). Okay, sometimes the content may not be great in quality, but it can still have a powerful message.

The overriding purpose of UGC comes back down to trust and endorsements. Brands that encourage your community and customers to create content around your product and services simply receive more exposure and engagement.

6. Offers and Promotions

It’s a no-brainer really. When you offer products and services for less than anyone else, you’re going to attract more interested buyers. Promotional offers are a great way to get noticed and influence shoppers to buy from your brand over your competitors.

7. Share Tips

Consumers use social media to conduct research on products and services. Provide advice and professional tips and you increase your chances of building a following. Instagrammers are not afraid to ask questions - and you can be there to answer them.

8. Ask A Question That Prompts An Answer

Posts that typically receive a lot of engagement are questions people want to answer. The easier the better. The ideal question for brands is what do your customers want to see in your products.

9. Add The Story Behind The Image

Eye-catching images are clickable, and although powerful pictures evoke a spectrum of emotions and imagination in your followers, explaining the inspiration or meaning behind a particular image is interesting.

10. Post Humorous Content

Amusing content is great for business. Humour evokes an important emotion that connects consumers with your brand - and laughing releases endorphins, the feel-good neurochemicals produced by the brain.

Publishing humorous posts grabs attention and encourages people to share your content with their friends. Consumers like brands with a sense of humour because it reveals your human side.

Do you want to drive followers to your Instagram account and increase engagement?