7 Reasons Why Instagram Influencers Are Ideal For Your Business

Instagram influencers have nailed the one thing many marketing campaigns often fail to do: engage the right audience in a genuine, relatable, and authentic voice. That's because, after enduring decades of deceptive marketing, few people trust ads or the commercially-driven content on radio, newspapers, or TV. Instead, 86% of people are turning to social media not only to catch up and connect with friends and family, but, more importantly, to seek the advice of instagram influencers before they buy any product or service.

As a result, businesses are falling over themselves to pay Instagram influencers to ensure their message gets to consumers. One survery after another shows that influencer marketing is now the fastest growing marketing channel; well ahead of organic search, email marketing and paid ads.

This begs the question; is influencer marketing the right choice for your business, and, if so, how will an Instagram influencer contribute to the success of your brand?  

Why Every Business Needs An Instagram Influencer

As the world's fastest growing social network, Instagram has given rise to charismatic and inspirational individuals with a powerful and influential voice. Instagram influencers command a massive and loyal audience who trust their advice and act on their recommendations. By winning the hearts and minds of other users through inspiring, entertaining, and informative content, Instagram influencers now have the undeniable power to sway the day-to-day choices of millions of followers.

As a result, influencers posses the most coveted endorsement on the planet; estimated by Forbes Magazine to be worth over $10 billion by 2020. If you are still not sure what this means for your business, here are 7 reasons why Instagram influencer marketing is great for your business:

1. Unrivalled Credibility And Relatability

To say that the highly skeptical consumer of today doesn't trust ads is a huge understatement. And why would they? We live in a world of fake news, vested interests, and shameless self-promotion. In contrast, Instagram influencers, through creative and original content, have established themselves as experts in their respective niches. Their opinions are held in high regard because they have cultivated trust and credibility among their followers. Such influencers have an unrivalled influence over what their followers like, wear, eat, or spend money on.

Furthermore, audiences find influencers more relatable than movie stars or celebrities, which increases their credibility. Therefore, when they recommend a product or service, millions of people not only pay attention, but also act on their advice. In fact, studies show that 40% of users have bought a product after a reading an influencer recommendation, while over 80% of women check social media reviews before making a purchase. All too often, countless products routinely sell out within minutes after influencers such as Kim Kardashian endorse them. That is the sort of credibility that is guaranteed to deliver success for any business.  

2. Greater Affordability And High ROI

Whether you are a large business or a startup, studies have shown that influencer marketing delivers about $6.85 in earned media value for every $1 spent. In addition, businesses can choose between micro or macro influencers, depending on how much they can afford to pay. A small business may, for example, give a few hundred dollars or freebies to a micro influencer for a positive recommendation, while more established businesses can opt for macro influencers who cost a fraction of a radio or TV advert. Either way, the ROI is incomparably higher than that of any other advertising channel.

3. Accurately Target A Specific Audience

Most influencers are trusted experts in a particular niche, such as travel, beauty, fashion, or food. Within these niches, they have fostered highly engaged audiences that are interested in specific products or services. By working with a particular influencer, marketers are able to accurately target consumers in their respective niches, which guarantees a much higher conversion rate. This also saves you time and money running tests to determine which audiences to target. The demographics of followers on networking platforms are also readily accessible, which makes it easy to target specific audiences with ever greater accuracy.

Additionally, influencer marketing gets your brand noticed by younger viewers who are increasingly watching less TV and hardly read print media. Millenials and Gen Z are spending more and more hours each day on social media, idolizing influencers and following their every move. It's no surprise that over 85% of Gen Z are using social media to search for products. Using influencers to target these audiences is the best way to find them where they spend most in their time, which is something normal ads cannot do easily.

4. Get High Engagement Levels

Social media audiences are more engaged because they are doing what they love; having an open conversation and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals. On social media, they can express their opinions, vent frustrations, as well as compare notes on their favorite products and services. Comments, likes, views, shares, and tags make for a highly engaged audience that is more likely to convert to paying customers. This level of engagement is impossible to achieve with other marketing campaigns.

5. Influencer Marketing Is Not Pushy

One reason why we all hate ads is their pushy, intrusive and aggressive nature. It's the reason why ad blockers are very popular; two thirds of all internet users have one on their computers or phones. We like to make up our own minds about a product, without feeling pressured to do so. Influencer marketing, in contrast, is radically different from traditional advertising. Influencers typically review products by sharing their experiences or opinions about it in a natural, friendly, and informative manner. Because we admire and aspire to be like them, these reviews are more than just about the product; they allow influencers to share their personal lives with us, which fosters brand loyalty as well.  

6. Build Awareness And Manage Brand Reputation

Instagram influencers are trendsetters whose recommendations can instantly turn your brand into a viral topic on social networks. This can quickly build trust and brand awareness much faster and more effectively than via traditional ads. Similarly, you will obtain invaluable customer feedback through thousands or even millions of likes, shares, and comments on your product. This will help you in product development as well as to carefully manage your brand reputation. Furthermore, Instagram influencers can use their trusted and credible voice to explain and demistify a complex or unfamiliar product, which might be impractical in a traditional advertisement.  

7. Take Your Content Strategy To The Next Level

Instagram influencers are masters at creating original, entertaining, informative, and inspiring content. For most businesses, coming up regularly with new content for ads, social media posts, or web content is no easy task. By partnering with influencers, you are able to tap into an established pool of talented content strategists. Influencers are more than happy to develop  original content for marketing campaigns, because after all, they know what really engages the audience in their respective niches.

Are you frustrated and sick of costly, ineffective marketing campaigns that do little to boost your sales numbers or raise your brand awareness? Get in touch with us and find out how Instagram influencer marketing can work for your business, regardless of its size or marketing budget.