Instagram Influencers More Powerful Than Celebrities In 2019

Studies reveal Instagram influencers have more sway over consumer purchasing decisions than celebrities in 2019.

Can this really be true? It’s hard to imagine that welter-weight social media bloggers pack more punch than heavy-weight celebs!  

When the latest kiddies blockbuster Ugly Dolls was released earlier this year, the movie studios enlisted the social queen and worldwide celebrity Kim Kardashian to popularise the film across her 137 million-strong Instagram account.

They didn’t choose to work with a social media “micro-celebrity” did they!

Having said that, the movie studios are not selling products to millennials and older generations that are not fooled by brand advertising.

The general consumer, on the other hand, does not trust celebrity advertising. They do, however, trust reviews from peers that stake their reputation on being an expert in their field.

Instagram influencers may not be famous per se, but they do hold sway over a large number of followers and can be hugely advantageous for brands.

Let’s give you a recent example. The case study below reveals an interesting tipping point.

Celebrity v Instagram Influencer

You’ve heard of Rosie Huntington Whiteley, right? The supermodel actress and wife of Hollywood star Jason Statham is a global celebrity, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret.

Now, have you heard of Chriselle Lim, the beauty blogger?

Unless you’re among the influencers 760k subscribers, probably not!

So why did the superstar, Rosie Huntington Whiteley team up with Chriselle Lim for a makeup beauty tutorial to draw interest to her brand, Rose Inc?

The answer lies in reach and trust.

Rosie has 113k subscribers and her YouTube post with Chriselle reached 121k views and 2.7k likes (as of 7 May). Meanwhile Chriselle Lim posted the same feature but received almost 168k views and 4.9k likes.  

The gulf in reach is significant.

So what message does this new trend send?

Paparazzi Power Is Waning

Celebrity endorsements have been a powerhouse of advertising since the early 1900’s - ever since Fatty Arbuckle was the face of Murad cigarettes.

Times change. In 2019, micro-influencers are trusted over star-studded celebrities - a tide that has been turning for several years.

Research by Roth Capital Partners in 2017 revealed that 78% of respondents said they do not like celebrity endorsements or are indifferent to them.

A recent study conducted by Collective Bias demonstrated an even greater gulf between consumers and celebrity endorsements - in 2019, only three percent of respondents confirm they are persuaded by the rich and famous.

Ads in traditional media publications are also struggling to influence purchasing decisions. Some marketers argue that’s because the press is obligated to differentiate between editorial and advertorial content.

That’s not strictly the case though.

It’s apparent that young consumers have distanced themselves from celebrity endorsements and media ads because they are recognised as blatant advertising campaigns.

Young consumers are not fooled by social media celebrities either. Pepsi famously pulled a commercial featuring socialite Kendall Jenner after the ad and the brand received an abundance of negative reactions.

The fact of the matter is that paparazzi power is flailing. The not-so-famous Instagram bloggers, on the other hand, have built an audience because of their expertise in a specialist field - and they have a reputation to uphold.

Instagram influencer marketing is where the real power is for brands to push your products in 2019.  

The distrust and cynicism towards celebrities indicate that brands have to find an alternative and trustworthy path to access a willing audience.

Instagram influencers have become indispensable for brands. No wonder Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s team turned to a trusted beauty blogger rather than recruiting one of her famous friends.

Influencer marketing is still in its infancy - which means now is the prime time to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Social media influencers have the power to elevate your brand and products.

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