Nano Or Micro? Why Influencers Are Not Created Equal

We live in a world where instagram influencers hold greater sway over consumer purchasing decisions than A List celebrities. Influencer marketing, the fastest growing marketing trend today, delivers huge advantages that million-dollar celebrity endorsements cannot: trust, credibility and a higher level of engagement than ever before. What's more, these benefits come at a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing methods. 

So, while it's obvious that nano and micro influences deliver more bang for your buck, which type of influencer delivers the best level of engagement as well as the widest reach? For example, how do you choose between a trusted community activist with 1,000 followers, a content generating chef with 50,000 followers, or a celebrity stylist with 100,000 followers?  

For any brand looking to raise awareness, create consumer loyalty, and expand revenues, picking the right influencer for your campaign can make all the difference. As we shall see below, having a huge following is definitely a plus, but it isn't the only consideration when it comes to selecting an influencer for your marketing campaign. 

The Difference Between Nano And Micro Influencers 

Influencers are actually classified into three categories according to the number of followers they have on Instagram. Nano influencers have the smallest number, usually around 1000 followers, while micro influencers have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Macro influencers, on the other hand, have followers that range from 100,000 to several million. As we shall see, the difference between these three extends beyond the numbers.

Nano influencers are normal people who are more popular than your average instagram user. They have built a sizeable following through an extensive network of friends, social connections, and close family ties. Although their friends and relatives pay attention to what they say, an established business will not gain significant exposure from this type of influencer. 

As reported in major publications such as The New York Times, consumers are increasingly aware that nano influencers are willing to say just about anything in exchange for small handouts or freebies from any sponsor. Think about it; as a small social media user with no revenue stream, who wouldn't? As a result, more and more people are discovering that the recommendations of nano influencers may not necessarily be in their best interest.  

Micro And Macro Influencers Have A Credible Following 

In contrast, micro influencers are original content creators who have won the attention, admiration and trust of their followers. By creating engaging, funny, informative, or highly entertaining content, most micro influencers are also considered experts in their field. Their advice, reviews and recommendations are eagerly followed and trusted by online users. What's more, micro influencers not only keep their followers highly engaged by creating great content, but also consistently build a loyal following over time.  

Macro influencers on the other hand tend to be celebrities and/or experts on their own right with exposure in other forms of media such as radio, major TV networks, and established magazines such as Cosmopolitan or TechRadar. They leverage an already established reputation/brand to drive a huge following on social media. This makes them influencers of note, with a huge potential to market and raise awareness for a brand. 

Although consumers generally do not trust celebrities in ads, macro influencers, if carefully selected to rhyme with a brand, can create great awareness to positively impact sales.  

There Is More To Influencers Than Just Numbers 

Influencers are defined by more than just the number of likes or views they can generate on social media. If it was about numbers alone, then mega stars with tens of millions of followers would be the obvious choice. However, mega celebrities with a massive following on instagram can cost millions of dollars per endorsement, and yet fail to deliver the same level of trust and engagement achieved by micro and macro influencers.  

While a smaller circle of followers generally encourages higher engagement levels, there is a mistaken belief that nano influencers are the best and cheapest option for a marketing campaign. As explained before, nano influencers are routinely reduced to mouth-pieces for the cheapest sponsor; a factor that makes them a huge risk to brand reputation. 

As individuals with a small following, a lack of expertise, celebrity status, or engaging content, nano influencers cannot deliver the large numbers of conversions as micro and macro influencers do. Truth be told, for a startup with no marketing budget, the word of mouth recommendations of nano influencers might be the only way to raise brand awareness. For an established business however, the risks associated with nano influencers are too great to ignore.  

For this reason, micro influencers and to a certain extent, macro influencers, represent that sweet spot between a large following and high levels of engagement. The opinions of authentic influencers carry a lot of weight and this is important to us and our clients. We feel we can trust these people to be genuine and deliver powerful word-of-mouth advertising.  

How To Select The Right Micro/Macro Influencer For Your Campaign

Influencers should be authentic and have an established network of followers, as well as a proven expertise in a specific field. They should be professional, trusted and publish engaging content that is valued by their followers. Such micro/macro influencers represent a sustainable and trustworthy brand on social media, which can be leveraged to boost brand awareness and relatability with consumers. 

At Big Crowd Media, we first evaluate the marketing needs and goals of every business, and then match these with the right type of influencer. Thereafter, we carefully research and identify micro/macro influencers that fit our profile. We then approach them and ask if they would like to become our partner and work with a brand that is relevant to their niche. On occasion, they may be sent a product so they can provide an honest review. 

For example, as an influential woman and expectant mother, our influencer of the month, Amber Rose, is a genuine and authentic influencer among her followers. As seen from the high levels of engagement and awareness created by her ongoing campaign with us (over 10K followers within hours of launch), a successful campaign of this type can only be achieved by carefully weighing the needs of a brand, and then matching them to a particular influencer who can deliver measurable levels of awareness, engagement and increased sales. 

Are you are a business looking to grab market share from competitors and generate new revenue streams? Then act now if you want to reach the millions of highly engaged consumers on social media. At Big Crowd Media, we have crafted intuitive marketing campaigns with powerful Instagram influencers that deliver an immediate and positive impact to your sales numbers. Contact us now to find out how we can transform your business!