The Importance Of Growing An Organic Audience on Instagram

Fake Followers Will Ruin Your Business

Instagram has become the place to go for brands to grow. The thriving social media platform is a hive of user-engagement and presents brands with  a genuine possibility to accrue customers.

It’s not an accident that Instagram is the fastest growing social network on the web and one of the most profitable for brands.

Before brands can build an authentic following on Instagram, the goal is to acquire likes and shares. The network’s algorithm measures how much engagement each post receives and pushes the most popular to the top.

That means brands are even more likely to get more likes, shares and followers. The key to Instagram success therefore is having a following that engages with your content.

There is a snag, however.

Growing a following on Instagram is not as easy as it sounds. You basically have two options:

  1. Grow your instagram following the honest way by crafting engaging content and putting a thoughtful strategy in place

  2. Buy fake followers to make it appear you are popular

We know what you’re thinking. “Crafting content sounds like hard work. How much are fake followers?”

Fake Followers Will Hurt Your Brand

The promise of a “genuine audience” is where social media’s black market lures business owners into a false hope. For as little as $9.99 (or less) you can get 1000 ‘authentic’ followers.

That’s the promise at least.

In reality, you get 1000 low-quality followers you could well do without. The service providers that sell followers use bots that have taken over redundant accounts and are no longer in use.

Having one thousand followers and no engagement looks, well, fraudulent. Real consumers investigating your company on Instagram will automatically distrust your brand.

It gets worse!

A “fake follower” experiment performed by Hootesuite reveals the bulk of mysterious users are described as “teenagers posting shirtless selfies and bots peddling webcam porn.”

To sum up, fake likes do not equal real business and are not the type of followers you want your brand to be associated with.

If anything, fake followers are more likely to do more harm than good to your brand perception.

Attract Organic Traffic - Fast

Now that we’ve shattered the illusion of fake followers providing any benefit to your social presence (sorry), that only leaves you with option 1: Crafting quality content and putting an intelligent strategy in place.

(puff out cheeks)

However, we’ve got good news.

You can still grow an authentic audience that is active on Instagram in a short space of time - and without all the graft having to craft.

All you have to do sign up to our celebrity influencer campaign. In return, you can attract up to 40,000 genuine Instagram followers, in just one campaign!.

Big Crowd Media partners with elite influencers and talent around the world on high-end marketing campaigns. These monthly campaigns are created and developed to fit into your brand ethos and vibe. The strategy is simple, our influencers offer a cash prize of $10,000 or Luxury Brands to their followers, think Chanel, Tiffany & co to name a few. To enter, the followers of the celebrity influencer have to follow our luxury goods page and the handful of companies we follow, it’s as simple as that.

You still need to publish engaging content that keeps your followers interested, but with an influx of new authentic followers by the tens of thousands, you have the opportunity to build a high-quality audience that is genuinely interested in your brand.

Once you start growing, you can keep growing. So build an audience quickly and get off to a strong start.

Or you can slow-grow your Instagram following the hard way.

Artificially inflating your engagement figures is not a strategy, it’s commercial suicide. Growing an organic following with out social media influencer strategy gives you more visibility and engages real users.

Really - it’s a no-brainer.