The Top 5 Do's And Don'ts Of Influencer Marketing

That Instagram influencer marketing is now the fastest growing and most in-demand marketing channel is not in doubt. The bigger question is; why do some influencer campaigns fail miserably while others are such a resounding success? How do you use Instagram influencers to ensure the best outcome for your brand? 

What is clear is that every business must employ a well designed influencer marketing strategy; otherwise, your campaign may prove costly or fail to deliver any appreciable gains in terms of brand awareness, and even more importantly, increased revenue. 

Is Your Influencer Campaign Failing You?  

As businesses struggle to keep up with the ever-changing influencer craze, many of them are, unfortunately, wasting precious marketing dollars on the wrong strategies. Like with any other marketing campaign, the choice of instagram influencer, content, and target audiences must be carefully selected to fit a brand's image so as to connect effectively with consumers.  

If you are new to instagram influencer marketing, there is a lot to learn from the failures and successes of other businesses. This should help you avoid the costly pitfalls that have bedeviled many campaigns. Alternatively, if your current campaign is not living up to expectations, then it's time to get back to the drawing board to find the right influencer marketing approach for your brand. 

While there isn't any one strategy to suit every business, here are the top five do's and don'ts of influencer marketing that every business should pay close attention to:  


DON'T: Hire Influencers Only For Their Follower Numbers 

Most businesses new to influencer marketing assume that the more followers an influencer has, the greater the reach, and, therefore, marketing success. While it's true that a macro influencer has more followers than say, a micro influencer, the level of engagement varies significantly from one influencer to another. High follower numbers may translate to greater brand awareness, but they do not necessarily lead to increased conversions. Focusing only on the number of followers, rather than engagement levels, is one of the main reasons influencer marketing fails to meet expectations.  

DO: Find Macro And Micro Influencers With Engaged Audiences 

Rather than hiring celebrity mega influencers at eye-watering prices, look for micro and macro influencers with smaller audiences but much higher engagement levels. Mega celebrities may increase brand awareness substantially, but their engagement levels are noticeably lower than that of macro and micro influencers. Macro influencers do especially have large enough audiences, great engagement levels, and come at a fraction of the cost. Ensure you only work with influencers whose content generates the highest percentage of likes, shares, and comments. Only then can you be certain that your campaign will generate a high conversion rate as well as greater awareness. 


DONT: Focus Only On The Numbers 

While traditional advertising channels are mostly focused on reach, influencer marketing is all about engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. While it's important to get high numbers of engaged followers, that should not be your only focus. Successful influencer marketing campaigns are focused on delivering authentic, original, and entertaining content that resonates with the target audience. Such a well-crafted content strategy will deliver better brand loyalty and high conversion numbers for a sustained period of time.  

DO: Make Great Content A Priority 

Today's audiences have notoriously short attention spans; reaching a massive audience might increase awareness,  but it never guarantees increased conversions. It's important to remember that your audience is only concerned with consuming great content, and will be turned off by pushy endorsements. To increase conversions, your campaign must focus on engaging audiences by working closely with an influencer to deliver informative, entertaining and inspiring content. Such content must be aligned with your brand without compromising the authenticity of the influencer.


DONT: Imitate Your Competitors 

It's tempting to replicate what the competition is doing in the hope of achieving a similar level of success. However, to the stark realization of many businesses, influencer marketing must be tailored to reflect the size, reach, and customer profile of your business. An influencer campaign that works for your competitor may not necessarily work for you. What's more, your audience will hardly be impressed by a copycat campaign. 

DO: Find A Formula That Fits Your Business 

Despite competing in the same niche, every business offers a unique value proposition to its customers. This distinguishing factor should determine the direction an influencer campaign should follow. What are your strengths as a business and how best can you relate with your customers? What combination of influencer and content strategy will make you stand out in your niche? Have you carefully researched influencers and the brands they have promoted before to ensure they align with your own? 


DONT: Micromanage Your Influencer 

Influencers are expert content creators who have built a loyal and engaged following. Many businesses overlook this fact and try to micromanage influencers, which can stifle their creativity and damage the credibility of the campaign. Although a brand may need to protect its carefully cultivated image, dictating content to influencers destroys their authenticity and turns your campaign into just another paid endorsement.  

DO: Give Influencers Creative Freedom

The main reason you select a particular influencer is because they have nurtured an enviable level of trust and credibility with their followers. Therefore, they are better placed to develop content that blends with their overall style and resonates with their audiences. Nonetheless, it is possible to provide the influencer with general guidelines without limiting their creativity. additionally, influencers can provide valuable insights into their audiences to help you come up with a more engaging content strategy for a successful campaign.  


DONT: Fail To Capitalize On More Traffic 

A successful influencer campaign will generate enormous traffic to your own social media accounts. Many brands fail to take advantage of the increased traffic to get more followers and raise their conversion levels. To this end, your account feeds must be highly engaging so as to draw and convert visitors into paying customers. At the same time, if the content on your instagram account lacks the quality your audience expects, then your brand reputation will suffer. 

DO: Spruce Up Content On Your Account 

Take advantage of the increased traffic by giving visitors great content to like, share, and comment on. This will increase your following as you snag more and more visitors who consume your content. Additionally, take advantage of your influencers' expertise by posting the creative videos and photos they develop on your own feed. Influencer content can instantly transform your account into a more engaging and entertaining space for your followers. This can only increase conversions and loyalty. 

If you are concerned about your influencer marketing campaign, or if you want to take advantage of this highly effective marketing tool, reach out to our experienced team today. As experts in influencer marketing, we can help your brand develop the most effective influencer marketing strategy, and then pair it with an influencer who fits perfectly with your brand. 

Don't waste your hard-earned money on a flawed influencer marketing strategy, call us now and take your business to the next level.