Top 10 Instagram Best Practices for More Sales and Engagement

Top 10 Instagram Best Practices for More Sales and Engagement

Consumers want to buy products and services from businesses they admire and trust. Every day, a majority of these engaged audiences are discovering brands on Instagram that resonate and relate with them. 

For businesses in the know, IG offers the most visually appealing platform to interact, engage, and connect with customers. 

Gone are the days when IG was just another trendy marketing option. Todays' brands must do much more than just uploading photos and videos. That's because your Instagram page is the new storefront, where lead generation and conversions now take center stage. 

The clock is ticking on any brand not actively engaging audiences on Instagram!

Without a marketing strategy based on the best practices, the survival of your business will be in jeopardy if competitors snag the attention of target audiences on Instagram. 


Engagement Is King 

It's noteworthy that 72% of Instagrammers shop on the app, while many more rely on it to make buying decisions. Considering that 500 million people use this platform every day, no other platform boasts such an active and engaged audience. 

To engage with users, you must follow the latest Instagram marketing trends. However, if you are still using Instagram as a billboard, then you are missing out on consumers who want to engage with your brand before buying your product. 

Is your engagement rate too low to deliver sales or generate leads? 

Then follow these 10 best practices to drive engagement and sales on Instagram: 


#1 Know Your Audience 

To raise engagement, you must have a good understanding of your target audience. Otherwise, you wouldn't know what type of content will resonate with them!

Know your audience by building buyer personas based on demographics such as age, gender, occupation, educational level, average income, etc. 

Buyer personas help you to understand what your audiences admire or dislike, as well as their aspirations and motivations. Use this information to create content that your audience can love, relate to, and be inspired.  


#2 Image Quality Is Not Negotiable  

Instagram started life as a photo-sharing platform. A lot has changed on IG since then, but it remains a highly visual platform dominated by great photos and videos. 

Your audience will take one look at your photos, and make up their minds about the quality of your product. 

If hiring a professional photographer is beyond your budget, use the following tips before you upload any photo:

  • Select the most pleasing locations for your photos       

  • Consider different angles, lighting, and photo composition before taking any photo        

  • Take pictures in natural light for warm and vibrant colors    

  • Take several pictures before selecting the best     

  • Keep photos authentic by avoiding too many filters 


#3 Create Exciting Content 

High-quality content is, without a doubt, the foundation of your success on Instagram. Before you upload any content, think about the reaction it will draw from the audience.

Your photos and videos may look great, but they also need to evoke a reaction in your audience. Users have very short attention spans and need arresting and visually inspiring content if they are to keep returning to your page. 

Therefore, aim for content that is emotional, nostalgic, exciting, or even provocative. It's not easy to create memorable content, but a little effort will give your audience a reason to engage with you. 


#4 Tell Engaging Stories

Everyone loves great stories, and no platform is as good as Instagram for narrating visual stories. Users are not browsing through Instagram to see great photos; they crave inspiring stories they can relate to. 

Rather than preach salesy messages, use your content to tell stories about your brand. Photos, videos, captions, IGTv, and Insta stories can all be used to convey a compelling story that reveals your brand personality to your audience. 

Let your audience know more about you and your ideals. Take them behind the scenes to see you at work. Let them witness the motivation, creativity, and energy that goes into making every product. They will identify and relate to your content much more quickly. 


#5 Use Calls to Action

A call to action spurs your audience to do something about your content. Through CTAs, you can request followers to like your post, tag their friends, share content, or leave a comment. This automatically raises your engagement metrics at no cost!

CTAs can also be used to invite audiences to share stories, experiences, or preferences. The questions should be relevant to your brand and not too personal or sensitive for your audience. 

Audiences love brands that ask for their opinion and display a genuine interest in them. It encourages more people to interact with your content, which widens your reach as well as boosting the engagement rate.


#6 Avoid Posting Only Promotional Content

It's tempting to post content that promotes your brand every time you get an opportunity. 

However, if your page reads like a billboard for your brand, your audience will be easily put off. Most users desire content that's inspiring, or, at the very least, entertaining. Be creative and blend your brand message with inspirational content to avoid appearing too promotional. 

You can also encourage your audience to generate their own content. For example, ask them to share photos or videos around a theme that's interesting, but one that revolves around your brand message. 

Although brand messaging cannot be avoided altogether, try to strike a balance between promotional and inspirational content. 


#7 Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are the easiest way to raise engagement beyond your current followers and friends. When used wisely, they allow you to participate in or start a conversation with a broader


Hashtags create visibility for your content by making it more discoverable. The more people you reach with your content, the more likes, comments, and tags you will get. 

Ensure you target the right audience by researching your hashtags, and sticking only to those that are relevant to your niche.  


#8 Get Active and Post Consistently

It is essential is to give your audience new and exciting content to consume. Therefore, try to post at least once a day, to provide your audience with new inspirations every day. 

If you are not active enough, your audience will look elsewhere for the content they desire. Furthermore, IG ranks content chronologically in feeds, so if you want your content to be visible,

make sure it's new and fresh. 

To get the most views, post content at optimal times when Instagram users are most active. These times vary from niche to niche but usually occur between mid-morning and early afternoon on weekdays. 


#9 Let Data Drive Your Choices

Instagram analytics can help you make better marketing decisions. Merely counting the number of likes and comments you get per post doesn't tell you enough about your marketing strategy.  

There are various social media analytics tools can help you:

  • Calculate sales per impressions       

  • Measure audience engagement        

  • Track hashtag performance        

  • Monitor trends on Instagram       

  • Compare engagement across multiple products or locations       

  • Identify the most engaging influencers in your niche 


#10 Partner with Influencers 

Finally, one proven method of raising engagement and sales is by working with influencers. Influencers can drive traffic and engagement to your Instagram account faster and more cost-effectively than expensive ads. 

Trusted and admired by their audience, influencers provide valuable advice and recommendations that can skyrocket your engagement and sales. 

However, to guarantee success, take time to evaluate influencers to ensure they have genuine followers and a highly engaged audience. 


Start Selling on Instagram Now!

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