How many new followers will I receive?

Because our influencer marketing strategy attracts real, organic traffic and not BOTS, it’s impossible to say exactly how many new followers you will receive because this is not a manufactured process. However, we do make forecasts and projections and we vet every influencer to make sure their traffic is authentic and verified. Other factors that determine which influencers we work with are their engagement levels and reputation - and we are honoured to work with popular celebrities that boast some of the highest engagement levels in the industry. When there is a huge cash prize giveaway or luxury goods to win, people are incentivised to click and follow. So for example, if we are working with an Influencer with 20 million followers and a 3% engagement is achieved, you will receive somewhere in the region of 600,000 people to engage with your brand. And that’s just for starters! Big Crowd Media only works with the world's biggest and most influential celebrity influencers and offer their star power to you at a fraction of the cost!

How do I know when these campaigns are going live?

Once onboard, Big Crowd Media will keep you up to date with the designated campaign launch. This is where everyone's excitement builds and you can expect to see your Instagram page about to explode! We also instruct you how to pivot your Instagram account to get the best possible exposure so you can take full advantage of this celebrity/ influencer giveaway.

Do you offer anything else besides Influencer campaigns?

Not right now, we are securing the hottest and most influential influencers on Instagram with the sole purpose to collaborate with our corporate sponsors and up your Instagram following! We do have other cutting edge marketing tools and campaigns in the making, and once launched we will let you know about them as well!!

How do I sign up? Are there any contracts to sign?

Yes, Big Crowd Media provides every account with their own contract which guarantees the campaign will be run and that you have secured your spot. The contract can be signed electronically for ease, followed by an invoice sent to you which can then be paid securely online via credit card.

What industries benefit from these campaigns?

Everyone with something to promote, whether that's yourself or your brand. In 2017, Instagram made it possible for businesses to grow with its swipe up to shop feature, and since then companies have seen sales grow rapidly. Thousands of businesses that are not utilising Instagram to its full capacity are missing out. If you have the brand and the talent, you will have the following! So if you are an online store, blogger, model, realtor, restaurateur, entrepreneur, jeweller, health and fitness, medical, athlete, leisure facility, beauty, or any other business people want to follow, Big Crowd Media is for you!